Self-esteem over the festive season

Family ChristmasYou may or may not be doing any public speaking over the Christmas and New Year period but, either way, this time of year presents a great opportunity for understanding any problems you have with public speaking and working to eliminate them.

Because of the cultural pressures around Christmas (spend it surrounded by loving family, be jolly, consume to excess), how we think, behave and react during these few days offers valuable insight into ourselves and, if you like, our issues. Particularly if you’re spending Christmas with your family of origin – your parents and siblings – you may well find yourself slipping back into old patterns. Do you feel compelled to be the life and soul of the party? Or do you withdraw into silence as your brash relatives take up all the air time? Do you fling your weight about, telling everybody what to do? Or do you hover nervously, waiting for people to find fault with you?

Whatever image you feel the need to present over Christmas is likely to be the image you present as a public speaker. And it will be reflected in the way you think about and prepare for public speaking.

If you’re not comfortable with this image, you can change it. New Year, with its promise of a fresh start, is as good a moment as any to begin that process, to recalibrate your self-esteem according to who you are now, not who you were as a child.


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