New Year’s resolutions

Well, happy new year and I hope 2012 has got off to an excellent start for you.  Did you make any resolutions?  If so, are you keeping to them?  I always find the idea of a new year and a new start very inspiring, to the extent I get carried away with a long list of all the exciting – and worthy – things I’m going to do in the coming twelve months.  Then I get overwhelmed and, if I’m not careful, end up doing less than I would have if I hadn’t written that daunting list.

In essence, the changing of the year is just a number.  We can choose to start making changes at any time.  If, like me, you’re suddenly finding it’s 19th January already and you haven’t got down to your resolutions, it’s not too late to start now.  I’m lucky that my birthday is at the end of January, so I have a clear second shot at a ‘new year’ but you can create a starting point any day that suits you.  Especially with New Year following so hard on the heels of Christmas, there is usually a lot going on and it can be difficult to focus on creating the new you.  So choose yourself a nice date such as 1st February and run your resolutions from then.  And don’t be too harsh on yourself if you slip up now and again; it’s the end result that matters, not being perfect along the way.

If your resolution is to improve your public speaking skills, I can help you with that.  (See the Public Speaking Coaching page of my website.)

Stop worrying about it, send me an email and let’s get on with solving your problem for you.



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